Committee Members

AMSA’s committees represent areas our organization feels all students should value as vital in becoming a socially responsible healthcare professional.


What is a committee?

UC Berkeley’s Committees are modeled after AMSA’s National Action Committees and take advantage of national resources to make change at the regional and local level. They promote these areas of interest and associated projects to AMSA members and are integral in helping AMSA maintain its dynamic view of medicine amidst rapid change.

2023 events
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Culture of Medicine

Chair: Aayush Pagaria
Members: Kiley Murakami, Suraj Shah, Adeline Ra, Leeon Maher, Renuka Gentela, Jeffrey Chen, Emmanuel Velazquez, Charles Cho

Community Service

Chair: Kenzy Mohamed
Members: [coming soon]

Public Health

Chair: Sara Ahsan
Members: Tony Lam, Trisha Devchoudhury, Reymon Moe, Michael Yan, Tiffany Hoang, Mahek Kaur, Emma Zhang, Natalie Liang, Aryan Dwivedi

Philanthropy & Fundraising

Chair: Swetha Palaniappan
Members: Mohini Chatterjee, Linden Lovett, Evi Batchelor, Yunseo Lee, Jenny Liu, Michelle Zhao, Triny Ravindran, Shree Parekh, Audrey Chan, Rhea Nanavati, Casey Nguyen, Jimin Yoo, Anneliese Aquino Roesel, Vrishab Aravind


Chair: Kaitlyn Iglesias
Members: Ting Guo, Easha Narayanan, Tatiana De La Sancha, Jonathan Lee, Kailey Choi, Mekayla Saechao, Maria Eagleton Velasquez, Michaela Forouzan, Nisha Anadure

Environmental Health

Chair: Tatiana De La Sancha
Members: [coming soon]